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Email Jackofarttrades@gmail.com

Address Portland, Oregon

My aim is to be a master of expression, I try to be like water, and I try to keep my design process as malleable as I can. What comes out, depends on the vessel Im poured into. I am not attached to any particular style, I like to use what will convey the message in the most powerful or concise way, depending on whats needed. If I have to have a preference, it would be for the "detailed" but that detail can be shown in color complexity, texture, or actual density of imagery I strive to make my portfolio a true reflection of my aims but please take into account it is a representation of client experiences. If you do not see what your looking for it is because I have yet to work with a client like you. I am here to serve and effect the world, thank you for helping me be apart of that.

I love what I was born to do.